Puberphonia after treatment by Sanjay K. AIIMS Delhi Alumnus, Speech Therapist in Bangalore ,India

Details are at: To see before the treatment video of this guy pl click on He was speaking in high pitch voice (female like ).People on phone always confused that they are talking to a female and use to say him madam on phone . His loudness of voice was also less.This video is after the treatment by me (Sanjay kumar,Speech language pathologist/speech therapist). Sanjay Kumar is a certified Speech language pathologist graduated from India’s most premier and world famous medical college All India institute of Medical Sciences New Delhi in the field of Speech and Hearing. He did his master from India’s most prestigious Institute in the field of speech and hearing, All India Institute of Speech and Hearing Mysore in the field of Speech Language Pathology. He is treating all kind of communication disorders specially, Voice disorder, stammering/stuttering, Stroke rehabilitation (aphasia, dysarthria), Mispronounciation/misarticulation, delayed speech and language among children. He is also guiding to professional voice users like singers ,film actors ,call centre executive, corporate leaders about vocal hygiene and effective communication, how to avoid vocal abuse to prevent voice disorders in future. Do you know? Many people without proper training in speech language pathology are also involved in stammering and other communication disorder treatment. Few organize workshop for people having stammering .Many ex-stammerer without having

10 thoughts on “Puberphonia after treatment by Sanjay K. AIIMS Delhi Alumnus, Speech Therapist in Bangalore ,India

  1. iKdia007

    i’m suffering from puberphonia had done voice therapy but now i’m speak in double voice high pitch when i speak loud and low pitch when i speak less loud.. please help people always teased me….

  2. Dancerboy993

    i have this and i dont know how to fix it i did vocal therapy for awhile and it didnt work i really need to fix this can anyone help me!?!?

  3. gulfcoastdude

    I experienced the same change! Its amazing what a little tension in the voice box can do, and I suffered with it for years.


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