Dr. Drew – Sober House Scandal!!

Las Encinas, a hospital known for treating celebrity patients, has a celebrity on its roster – Dr. Drew Pinsky is the Medical Director for the Dept. of Chemical Dependency Services. The LA Times recently reported that 4 people have died in this hospital due to overmedication and patient neglect, and the hospital is under investigation by state agencies. In this clip, Geraldo Rivera interviews the parents of two young men who died at Las Encinas, and tries to find out why a doctor who cares so deeply for his celebrity patients continues to support such a poorly-run deathtrap of a hospital. www.latimes.com

26 thoughts on “Dr. Drew – Sober House Scandal!!

  1. sdavis732010

    simple there not celebs so why should dr drew care.he gets paid twice as much doing the tv show than at the hospital he works at so who would you pay more attention to.a nobody with a drug habit or a celeb with the same thing who is on a show

  2. EmanEzone

    Las Encinas is a 1st rate hospital, I have been through their program several times and finally got sober there. Every hospital that treats these kind of patients has some small percentage of people that die, in the process of getting clean and sober. I knew all of the people who died there, from the meetings that are held on the grounds and being in L.E. with them. Two were freak medication reactions, one a suicide and the other brought his own drugs into the hospital. Fox News=Ridiculous.

  3. Jon79K15

    They are saying they went to him because of his famous medical care. This means that the only reason they are talking shit about him on TV is because he’s famous. In any other case they wouldn’t be holding the doctor responsible.

  4. Jscrila24

    Dr.Drew is NOT in any way, shape, or form responsible 4 this. He has helped save the lives (directly and indirectly) of 10s of thousands of ppl,simply by shedding light (to millions of ppl across the US) on the severity of addiction n its fatal consequences. 4that alone, DrDrew should b greatly respected n appreciated. If i sent my kid2rehab, i would def send em 2the safest, best place. Addiction is horrible, Ive seen it all. My condolences to the families who lost sum1

  5. CRAZYJ10ify

    If they would have spent as much research and time on their kids drug problem as they do trying to go after Dr.Drew their kids might still be alive.

  6. MiBlazed

    Alot of these kind of places pray on people in their weakest times. its really sad but their are alot of people and places that really do try and help. Dont let this stop you from getting help its not all like this. And BTW its not allways their fault, and its not drews fault dr drew is a amazing man and does nothing but try and help people.

  7. Lawrence78

    Dr drew is a hypocrite. He pretends to go the extra mile for the celebrity addicts on his stupid tv show, but in REALITY his employees don’t even monitor his patients at las encinas hospital and three deaths ensued. How would you feel about “celebrity rehab” if you lost someone at his facility and the government reported that the nurses didn’t even check on them but said they did? Then he has the nerve to go on tv and proclaim to Rachel uchetel that he and his staff will do anything it takes to

  8. Darkaero199

    A hell hole that’s killing people? These people are addicts and you’re surprised that they die young?

  9. clemenza1234

    @ktchico Nevertheless, he has a possible case of lible. Fox News and Geraldo Rivera seem to be painting his name over a hospital to which he was only affiliated with. It wasn’t as though he was directly connected to the death of these young men.

  10. FSquid

    Just because Dr. Drew works in a wing of the hospital his child died at doesn’t mean Dr. Drew is responsible. No where do they ever say that the deceased were patients of his. This is some retarded bullshit angle used by angry people who want a scapegoat for their big story.

  11. bingbang333

    wow this is absolutely crazy….i feel sorry that these people lost their children but how can they drag dr drew into it unless he was personally monitoring their cases. I get the feeling that these people are looking at dollar signs…..

  12. TheRealAaronThurman

    Dr. Drew being blamed because he’s famous? This happens EVERYWHERE. Just because a “celebrity” is involved, doesn’t mean he’s anymore to blame than any other medical directer that has had a patient die.

  13. 43fatfax

    Billion dollar a year treament “industry”. Federal Govt. statistics state a 1 in 30 success rate for treatment centers, they the ” treatment centers will tell you 1 in 12. If the medical field had a failure rate of 29 out of 30 they would be crusified by the judicial system, congress and the health insurance companys!!!

  14. MrGrevy

    @j1cjoli You couldn’t be more wrong. Directors are responsible for the care given to patients. You should be ashamed of yourself. Take your filth elsewhere.

  15. Mshardworker3

    Drs and there staff are not Gods . Parents that have dead children look for someone to blame . People die in every hospital . When I had a child someone in the hospital stole my medicine but you do not shut the whole hospital . Look when it comes down to it I am sorry but your child started the problem , your child was an addict people die from that and he was an adult and the resposibilty for his actions was his .

  16. h2valex

    yes, it’s Dr. Drews fault that these people are dying as a result of their drug use…

    Come one people…


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