ABC News – Florida Detox – Dr. Sponaugle Rapid Detox for Drug Addiction Treatment – A woman who says she was addicted to Xanax and Methadone came to Tarpon Springs to detox. She says it was painless. Five months later she is still drug free. Deborah Wade says, “I’d take 100 milligrams of Methadone a day.” Deborah says she spent most of her life as an addict. Her love affair with pain killers and opiates started when she was seven after a doctor gave her pain meds after a surgery. “I can remember just absolutely begging for those shots, pain shots, and I was only seven.” She says she used heroin, spent twenty years on Methadone and most recently relied on 11 Xanax pills a day. She came to Doctor Rick Sponaugle, of Florida Detox, when all other treatments failed. Doctor Sponaugle has detoxed and treated more than 5000 people here at Helen Ellis Memorial Hospital. He says people come from all over the country. Debbie came from North Carolina. She was put under general anesthesia so she basically slept while her body went thorough accelerated detox under the doctor’s supervision. She says, “They put me under and when I got the tubes out from me I started walking the halls, going outside and smelling the roses, watching little lizards and I felt wonderful.” But the doctor says, in order to keep a patient from relapsing you have to treat the cause of the addiction. That’s where the brain scan comes in. Doctor Sponaugle says the cerebellum should be red. It should be more overactive than any other parts of your brain. But the doctor says

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    We admit our benzo patients to our hospital detox unit where Dr. Sponaugle has hand picked the best ICU nurses for his detox program. With Dr. Sponaugle’s anesthesiology expertise and the high quality ICU nurses, we can safely provide a painless benzo detox that psychiatrists and family doctors at rehab centers cannot.

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    The Sponaugle protocol for safe and painless detox for benzodiazepines has the luxury of using intravenous (IV) medications if necessary to prevent all benzo withdrawal symptoms. Our patients do not suffer tachycardia (racing heart), elevated blood pressure or any seizure-like activity.

    The Florida Detox technique prevents twitching, muscle cramping, nausea and other typical symptoms of benzodiazepine detox.


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